Shipwrecks on the south west coast of the Isle of Wight
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Came to grief: 1882 at/near Rocken End
Cargo: tinned meat and flour

The steamship Wheatfield 1200 tons.
General cargo of, amongst other things, tinned meat and flour - from Leith to New York.

The crew left in their own boats and came ashore just above the foot of Blackgang Point. Fortunately some of the Wheeler family were on the spot, caught the boats as they landed, and pulled them up out of danger.

The Blackgang Life-saving Apparatus Company attempted to fire a line over the ship, but the rocket was rather erratic, turning round soon after leaving the machine and coming back to land.

The ship soon began to break up and presented a chance too good to be missed. Very soon, bags of flour and tins of meat were climbing the cliffs in all directions. Some locals were arrested and were charged with "being in unlawful possession of certain goods forming part of the merchandise of the steamer Wheatfield." Most were fined 1 with 10 shillings costs.

Fatalities: 0