Shipwrecks on the south west coast of the Isle of Wight
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Brooke, Isle of Wight Lifeboat Station    Established 1860     Closed 1937
The journal for October 1860 quotes as follows:-

"Two life-boats have been recently placed by the National Life-boat Institution on the south west coast of the Isle of Wight. One is stationed at Brooke near Freshwater Bay, the other at Grange Chine in Brixton Bay. The cost of the Brooke and Grange life-boathouses have been subscribed by the inhabitants of the Island.
Lying near the track of all vessels passing up or down the Channel the coast on this part of the Island has always been liable to wrecks and the want of a Life-boat has been greatly felt on it.
Three vessels and several lives were lost here during last winter which awoke a general local interest in the subject and led to the establishment of these boats".

Voted silver medal to Lieutenant W. Gould R. N., in connection with the rescue of 6 men from the ship "SIAM" wrecked off Compton.

Voted silver medal to Thomas Baker and the thanks of the Committee inscribed on vellum to six other men for their services in rescuing 4 of the crew of six of the schooner "Sentinel" of Caernarvon.
The Institution also presented its thanks to the Rev. J. Fellen Gaze and Fr. Thomas Way for their services in aiding to launch the boat. Mr. Gaze whose thanks were inscribed on vellum had waded into the surf up to his waist to render assistance on this occasion.

John Hayter
1860 - 1892
Benjamin Jacobs
1892 - 1917
Thomas Hookey
1917 - 1919
Roland Hayter
1919 - 1933
Alfred Woodford
1933 - 1937

Lifeboats   Launches Lives
A life-boat * 1860-1867
George and Anne 1867-1888
William Slaney Lewis 1888-1907
Susan Ashley 1907-1937
A coastguardsman named McLeod killed on service on 27th Oct. The Committee of Management voted £10 to his widow.

Voted the third service clasp to John Hayter's silver medal in connection with the rescue of 138 persons from the s.s. "Eider" of Bremen.
The thanks of the Institution inscribed on vellum accorded to the Honorary Secretary, the Wm. Hillier in recognition of the valuable services he rendered in connection with the service. The Directors of the South Holland Life-boat Institution conveyed their congratulations on the success of the rescue.
The journal quotes as follows:-
(identical to Brighstone Grange entry below).

Voted the fourth service clasp to John Hayter's silver medal on his resignation from the post of Coxswain which he had held for 32 years.

Station closed.

The record and plaques commemorating the deeds of the Brooke Life-boat placed in the Parish Church fixed on the West and North walls presented by Lord Sherwood and Captain Hanson Scott.

The journal gives no name, but the wall plaque in
     Brooke Parish Church lists it as "Dauntless".
     30' x 7' at a cost of £148, built by Forrestt Peake.

** cost £272, built by Forrestt & Son, Limehouse.

A life-boat * no information.
George and Anne ** 32', 10 oars, cost defrayed by savings of an anon lady from Upper Clapton.
William Slaney Lewis legacy Mr. W. S. Lewis of Wellington, Salop.
34' x 7'6" self righting type, 10 oars, cost £347, built by Hansen & Son.
Susan Ashley legacy of Mr. Charles C. Ashley of Mentone, France.
35' x 8'6" self righting, 10 oars, cost £843, built by Thames Ironworks.

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