Shipwrecks on the south west coast of the Isle of Wight
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These headstones can be seen in Brighstone Churchyard, alongside the path down to the lower gate.
Inscriptions on the stones

Erected in kind remembrance by the Committee
Moses Munt

Aged 57 years

One of the crew in 1860 when lifeboats were first established in the Isle of Wight and for the last 8 years Coxswain, who lost his life at the wreck of the "Sirenia", (S) on Atherfield Ledge March 9 - 1888.

The Lifeboat Worcester Cadet, whilst returning the second time with 13 of the crew from the wreck at 2 a.m. on the 10th, was capsized by a heavy sea and on her righting herself and reaching the beach, the 1st and 2nd Coxswains, Moses Munt and Thomas Cotton were missing.

"A few more rolling suns at most, Will land us on fair Canaan's coast
Then we shall sing the song of grace, And see our Saviour face to face."

Erected in kind remembrance by the Committee
Thomas Cotton

Aged 49 years

For many years one of the crew and for a long time Second Coxswain of the Lifeboat Worcester Cadet who lost his life March 10th 1888 with Moses Munt, First Coxswain, owing to the capsizing of the Lifeboat by a very heavy sea.

"A few more storms shall beat on this wild rocky shore
And we shall be where tempests cease and surges swell no more.
Then o my Lord prepare my soul for that calm day
O wash me in thy precious blood and take my sins away."

Erected in deep sympathy by the Committee
Leonard Procter Dozier

Aged 22 Years

Of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. One of the crew belonging to the Sirenia, wrecked on the Atherfield Ledge, March 9th 1888.

He was one of the 13 taken from the wreck by the Lifeboat Worcester Cadet which being capsized by a very heavy sea and on her righting herself he was found entangled in the ropes and dead. The First and Second Coxswains, Moses Munt and Thomas Cotton lost their lives by the same sad accident.

"The virtues of the deceased endeared him to his relatives and friends who deeply mourn his sad and untimely death."

On the waters dark and drear, Jesus, Saviour, thou art near,
With our ship, where'er it roam, As with loving friends at home.

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