Shipwrecks on the south west coast of the Isle of Wight

The Brig, Valid, of Ardrossan
Came to grief: 4th January 1873 at/near St Catherines Point
Crew of 9

A dreadful storm blew over the Isle of Wight on Saturday night [4th January 1873] and Sunday morning, and on the evening of the former day the brig Valid, of Ardrossan, 200 tons, came to grief off St Catherine's Point, and her crew, consisting of nine souls, were lost.

People ashore saw the ship struggling with the adverse seas, and the crew was seen to abandon her by entering the ship's boats, which swamped. All its occupants perished. Meanwhile the brig ran ashore close to the rocks.

Source: The Penny Illustrated Paper and Illustrated Times (London, England),
Saturday, January 11, 1873

Fatalities: 9