Shipwrecks on the south west coast of the Isle of Wight
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St Monan
Came to grief: 3rd June 1905 at/near Atherfield Ledge
Cargo: wheat and oats
Crew of 17
Lifeboats present:
Catherine Swift
Walter White

The Norwegian barque, St Monan, bound from Buenos Ayres to London, ran aground on Atherfield Ledge in thick fog in the early hours of June 3rd.

The lifeboat, Catherine Swift, was launched and located the vessel after a long search in the fog. After consultation with the captain, a kedge anchor was carried out and the vessel kept from being driven further inshore while awaiting the arrival of a tug from Southampton.

On the tug's arrival, she refused the assistance of the lifeboat, put a line aboard the St Monan, towed her off at high tide and disappeared into the fog.

Fatalities: 0