Shipwrecks on the south west coast of the Isle of Wight
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Came to grief: 26th January 1884 at/near The Needles
Cargo: General cargo including 4000 of ironwork for the Sydney Government.

The collision between the City of Lucknow and the Simla occurred during a heavy gale, about 20 miles from the Needles. It is supposed that the Simla sank. The City of Lucknow proceeded to London.

The captain of the Simla with his wife and child, the third officer, three apprentices, and Mr Short, a passenger, succeeded in boarding the City of Lucknow. The chief officer, four other officers, seven of the crew, and two stowaways, were also rescued, by the steamer Guernsey, but the remainder of the crew are missing. She had on board a general cargo.

West Coast Times, 4 February 1884
January 28 - The survivors from the ship City of Lucknow allege that it was while attempting to avoid another vessel that the collision with the Simla took place.
The remainder of the crew of the Simla have been landed at Dunkirk. After the collision an attempt was made to tow the Simla into port, but without success. Among her cargo was 4000 worth of ironwork for the Sydney Government.
January 30 - The pilot, a midshipman, and a seaman of the Simla have been lost.

West Coast Times, 14 February 1884
Her Majesty the Queen has presented Bishop Barry with a number of volumes, and an ample amount has been subscribed to replace the library which the rev. gentleman lost by the sinking of the ship Simla.


Fatalities: 3