Shipwrecks on the south west coast of the Isle of Wight
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Came to grief: 8th May 1904 at/near Atherfield Ledge
Captain Gewald
Cargo: china clay
Crew of 5
Lifeboats present:
Catherine Swift
Walter White

The schooner, Dolly, bound from Teignmouth to Bridgeness, Scotland, ran aground on Atherfield Ledge in thick fog in the early hours of May 8th.

The lifeboat, Catherine Swift, was asked to stand by as the Captain hoped to refloat his vessel with the aid of the tug Irishman, from Cowes. After breaking two tow ropes, the Irishman gave up. The Dolly was old, and with every pull, the water came out from under her milk white, as her cargo washed out.

The crew were taken off and landed safely by mid-day. Captain Gewald and his crew stayed in the locality for several days, hoping to save the vessel, but she broke up and added her remains to the Atherfield graveyard.

Fatalities: 0