Shipwrecks on the south west coast of the Isle of Wight

Came to grief: 27th January 1881 at/near Whale Chine
Cargo: iron and copper ore
Crew of 19
Lifeboats present:
Worcester Cadet (Brighstone)
Moses Munt

The steamship Claremont of Newcastle 668 tons.
Cargo of iron and copper ore from Vallerigan to Middlesbrough.

She came ashore just below Whale Chine on January 27th in a very dense fog.
The crew took to their boats and the Brighstone Lifeboat picked up one boat containing the Mate and five of the crew. The remainder, 12 in number and the Captain, were picked up next morning by the tug Victoria, of Cowes, which had come out to attempt to salve the steamer.

The Claremont became a total wreck.

Fatalities: 0